Holiday Party Hairstyle Dont's


Photo of girl with christmas ornaments in hair

Holiday parties are a great opportunity to add a little bit of flair to your average, everyday look
and hairstyle. This holiday season, don't go overboard when creating your holiday 'do. It is
best to remember to stay on the side of caution if you are questioning an accessory, color or cut.
In addition, let your inner voice be the ultimate guide.

Below is a list of holiday party hair don'ts to avoid.


Photos christmas tree hairstyles

Do not use too much sparkle. Remember, you are a person not a Christmas tree.


Photo of hairstyles with reindeers.

Do not be too severe with your hair. No "cutsie" reindeers.


Photos of hairstyles with tinsel and candy canes

No tinsel or candy canes.


Photos of holiday updos

Do not depart too much from the classic. Avoid looking like a bridesmaid.


Photos of hairstyles with embellishments

Do not use childish embellishments, unless you are under the age of 12.


Photos of hairstyles with snow and icicles

Do not use snow or icicles. You are not a snow princess.

Finally, do not go to your holiday party with roots! Do remember that with the holiday season,
your favorite sylist could be booked for weeks in advance.

Have fun with your hair over the holidays, but don't go too far
when grooming it for a party!




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