Careers at Source Salon


Source stylists are passionate about their profession because they truly believe it’s the most meaningful way for them to create a more beautiful world. They have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends, and they know exactly how to adapt them for their clients. They have an enduring sense of style that is reflected in those around them. They are artists and innovators, leaders and cheerleaders, teachers of each other and students of the world.

Because we only hire the best stylists, we treat them accordingly. If you launch a career at Source, you can expect:

An amazing education. All of our stylists receive a comprehensive in-salon education that begins with our training program and continues as your career grows. You’ll attend advanced classes—usually on our dime—and earn the chance to travel around the country to truly expand your education.

Some of the most competitive earnings in the industry. Stylists are also therapists, fashion experts, crisis managers, chemists, day-makers, and miracle workers. We know how many hats you wear—and we pay accordingly.

To make incredible connections. Our stylists are given the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry—both in the salon and around the country.

A supportive team. At the end of the day, even your dream job isn’t worth it if you don’t have the respect and encouragement of the people around you. That’s why we’re a united front against drama, finger-pointing, and the kind of competition that tears you down instead of builds you up.