Michelle London

Michelle London

Stylist | Colorist

When did you start with Source Salon?
March 2017

Cleveland, Ohio

Why did you decide to become a stylist? 
I always had a passion for art. Also, I love making people feel beautiful and happy.

What makes me a great stylist/ colorist:
My passion drives me every day to continue to better myslef as a stylist. I pay close attention to what my guest wants to achieve, making sure to communicate clearly and creat the look for them.

Other hobbies/ talents:
Beach, outdoors, music, art and theatre.

What is your specialty?
Color, balayage (blondes), bobs, and styling. However, I try not to limit myself!

What quote or mantra do you strive to live by?
“Only a person who risks is free."

Who is your professional role model? Whose career would you like yours to emulate?
Casey Neistat (vlogger) for his drive and determination. Also hairstylists, Justin Anderson and Dominick Serna.